Samos Greece

Early bird shot while sunrise at the beach of Samos, Greece. It was a deep cliff with a stunning view from the top edge. The stone wall was illuminated by the sun. The sea was calm and only a few waves reached the stones. Photo by Dominik Leiner

Things to do and everything that you need to know in order to visit the Island of Samos, which is particularly known for its vineyards and wine production!

Samos Greece:

Samos is a hilly green island which lies not far from Turkey and it is separated by only 1.9km apart. The island is fertile and densely wooded and it is just growing as a popular tourist hotspot. The island is also filled with important sanctuaries of the ancient world such as the Heraion which is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are also iconic places that you can also visit, some of the best things to do in Samos are listed below.

Top things to do in Samos Greece

Go sightseeing at Heraion of Samos

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it was built in the late-Archaic Period in the 6th century BC. The massive Ionic temple was considered to be the first of the large free-standing temples of Ancient Greece. It was also the third temple to be constructed in this location but was never completed and its construction continued into the Roman period. The temple became obsolete as a place of worship for the Pagan during the Byzantine times when it was gradually demolished and quarried for its marble. Although you will see the only a column that is still standing out of 115 original columns, you are going to see torus-shaped bases in the ground. Some of the architectural elements that you will see here are ionic capitals, a set of headless votice statues, and stones from the cornice which are all labeled.

The Island of Samos

Explore the Pythagórion in Samos Greee

This UNESCO World Heritage site can be found on the south coast of the island and it was once called Tigani till 1955 when the name was changed to honor Pythagoras that was born here. The town was constructed around a sheltered bay and it is filled with fishing boats which overlooks the cafes and seafood tavernas. The town was once the ancient port of Samos which is an iconic maritime and mercantile state during the 6th century BC. Some of the things to do now are to explore the remains of the ancient fortified port and the ruins of Greek and Roman monuments. You can also visit the archaeological museum where you will see marble statues, Archaic and Hellenistic funerary stelae, ceramics, and coins that were uncovered from the area.

Visit the Aqueduct of Eupalinos

This underground aqueduct can be found 2km west of the Pythagorion and it was regarded to be among the Wonders of the World. it was built by Eupalinos in the 6th century BC. The aqueduct is 1km long and about 1.75m high and wide and a great place that you must explore while in Samos. The excavation of this spot starts from both ends and meet in the middle and this astonishing because it was at the time before the advent of surveying and mapping. You are going to see a spot where two shafts met and form an almost perfect joint about 425m. This aqueduct is quite tight and it is not the best spot to go for people suffering from claustrophobia.

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Fishing boat in Samos Island, Greece

Wander around Kokkari

This is a fishing village which will leave you out of words. The village is surrounded by tavernas and cafes with terraces. From the terrace, you are going to enjoy stunning views of the harbor which is topped with pines. While dining in the restaurants the water will be lapping at your feet. Some of the best things to do here are to go bathing on the narrow beach. There are also a plethora of pebble beaches that are located beyond the two headlands that surround the harbor which offers everything that you will need in a pocket-sized coastal village.

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Explore the Potami Waterfalls in Samos Greece

This waterfall is close to Karlovasi and it feeds a long, narrow gorge with high walls. You are going to wade through the pools on riverbed if you want to get to the base of the first waterfall. This waterfall is a great place to go if you love climbing and you want some adventure while in Samos. One of the top things that you can do here is to scale the waterfall with a rope. If you are not up for this, you can simply walk through a rickety wooden stairway to the top where you will find an isolated tavern. You can then explore a trail which will take you to a higher point where you will find another waterfall that is 5m high and it has a magnificent pool at its base.

Crystal clear waters in Samos, Greece

Facts about Samos Greece

  • It is known for its vineyards and wine production
  • Home of a Unesco World Heritage Site
  • The birthplace of the great Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras
  • Don’t forget to try Samian Wine, well known for its antiquity, still produced on the Island

That’s about Samos, share with us your experiences and please spread the word if you liked my article! Always open at your suggestions as well!

Safe travels!

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