10 Reasons why you need to Visit Naxos

Bay of Naxos, photo by Anton Lammert on Unsplash

Naxos island, Greece

Greece is a city full of myths and one of the mythological significances is Naxos, a city, a greek island, the largest and loftiest of Cyclades island group in the Aegean Sea.

Why visit Naxos?

The Island of Naxos is a unique blend of ancient ruins and beach culture. Its magnificent ancient influences are accountable for many ancient sites. It encourages beautiful natural landscape imposing mountains, beaches, and traditional villages.

Naxos is a place full of entertainment and attractive points. Although it is one of the most beautiful Greek islands, Naxos has regulated its traditional character. Owing to its extensive history, this is an island with fascinating sightseeing and monuments. The island is crossed by many hiking paths and routes leading to fantastic sightseeing.

Attractions in Naxos:

Some of the places of great significance to spend quality time that you should never miss are:

  • Chora:

It is the capital of Naxos is well worth visiting with some fabulous traditional streets and alleys imposing a historical landmark, Venetian castle also renown as Kástro. Around this castle, the modern part of the city has been constructed.

Portara on Naxos Island
  • Portara

It is another famous historical landmark connected to Naxos city by a man-made stone causeway to Temple Apollo. It is the first sight of the island as you approach the port. It picturesquely overlooks the ocean that admires the breathtaking view of a sunset.

  • Archaeological Museum

Housed in old Venetian mansion which used to be a school before. This really interesting museum weighs in with a substantial collection of Cycladic figurines.

  • To swim at the amazing Plaka Beach

It is a captivating sight with crystal clear water-you don’t need to book a hotel with a swimming pool, just head to an ocean nearby. Plaka beach is also a perfect spot to chill and have a relaxing day at the beach, it is quiet with unique sea color and that’s why it is a great destination for families. There are also several restaurants and sun-bed rentals nearby which are almost economical.

  • Bazeos tower:

Don’t miss Naxos Festival staged at Bazeos tower located on the main road that connects Chora with mountains and Halki. The event includes Wine Festival and Fisherman’s Feast held in September every year.

  • Tragean Halki:

It is a traditional village with a tower-house and a vine-festooned tavern on the fine old square. There is a small church in this village dedicated to Saint George.

  • Kóronos:

Reputed as the windiest place on Náxos, is a village in the fold of the mountain with narrow lanes and arcades. You can find Koronos Village on the northeast slopes of the Koronion Oros, it is a peaceful village that you should visit with your car and have lunch and stroll around.

  • Mount Zas:

It is the loftiest mountain in Naxos which has a trekking path and is very famous among trekkers and birdwatchers. A cave is located at west of Mount Zas which is worth visiting. According to Greek mythology, God Zeus was raised in this cave and he found shelter here while prosecution. Good to know also is that the Mount Zas, is the highest mountain in the Cyclades and it is one of the most exciting activities to do. If you love hiking then you should definitely add it to your list.

  • Keramoti:

A mountainous village which receives two main streams from Routsana waterfall. The village is quiet and it is like living in a different world since it is surrounded by a lot of trees and green(it doesn’t feel that you are in a island). Moreover, there is a beach known as keramoti beach in this town.

  • Apollonas Kouros Statue:

It is the statue of a young man Dionysus, the god of wine. It lays on the site where it was first discovered. The statue is so heavy weighting more than 70 tonnes and more than 10 meters(32 feet) tall! Good to know is that the statue is dating back to around 7th century BC.

If you’re fond of history and nature at the same time you should visit this place once in a lifetime as it relatively breathes history along-with captivating sights.

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8 replies to “10 Reasons why you need to Visit Naxos

  1. We stayed a few days in Chora last year and enjoyed exploring the kastro. On a tour of the island we also saw the kouros. Up in the mountains there was a storm, and the rain was warm and refreshing on a hot day. We also visited the Temple of Demeter in the centre of the island. Such a wonderful place!


    1. It is such a magical place, experiencing rain in an Island on the summertime is also not that common so that would definitely be a great experience! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Helen 🙂


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