All you need to know about Tripoli in Greece

Tripoli Greece

Tripoli in Greece is a city in ten central part of Peloponnese. Tripoli is the capital of the Peloponnese region and the Arcadia. It is also known as the capital of prefecture with almost 22,500 inhabitants built in the middle of a valley which is surrounded by the Artemisio, Parthenios, and Mainalo mountains. It is the major administrative, economics, commercial, and transportation center of the central and south Peloponnese.

You can also observe the preserved neoclassical buildings among the block of flats and also the traditional houses and the springs. The city of Tripoli in Greece was established at the very beginning of the 14th century. In the beginning, several invaders such as Venetians and turns left their mark on the city. At that time it was the former capital of the Morias and fully flourished during the period of Ottoman. It is situated somewhere 165 km southwest of Athens.

What are the major attractions of Tripoli in Greece?

Tripoli has one of the famous and most adorable eye-catching destinations which must be visited while being on the trip or you’re to Greece. 

  • The Aeros central square which has the Judicial Mansion along with the statue of Theodoros Kilokotronis is one of the must coated places in Tripoli. Here the bones of Theodoros kolokotronis are still preserved on the base of the monument. This is the most beautiful district with the most traditional houses and a one-story building surrounding the square. 
  • The next most famous destination over here is Agios Vasilios which is the metropolitan church at the homonym square. 
  • Malliaropouli institution is also one of the adorable buildings you can opt to roam around.
  • The House where the post-Kostas Kariotakis was born is also a well known preserved place located at the center of the city. 
  • The Apostolos Kolokotronis house which is the house belonged to the nephew of Theodoros Kolokotronis.
  • The great library with the highest volume such as Matzounio Central Public library.
  • The museum of war. 
  • The cultural center of the city where generally all the big meetings and exhibitions take place. 
  • Ai-Giorgis chapel which was built in a pine tree forest and is almost 2 km away from the main city. 
  • The archeological museum present over here which is housed in a building designed by Ernst Ziller is also a great place to explore. It has the major findings from the surrounding areas that are from the Mycenaean time up to the 2nd century.
Prosperous-looking village between Tripolis Greece and Vytina,in the Peloponnese, photo by Robert Wallace

What are the nearby beautiful sights to explore in Tripoli Greece:

Tripoli is full of exciting natural and ancient sites. You can explore many of such sights in Tripoli and some of the must suggest are as follows:

  • The ancient Tegea is situated 10 km southeast from the main city with variable sightseeing of Alea Athena temple and also the great theatre over there. This place also accumulates the most famous archaeological museum present in the city. 
  • The neat most eye-catching sight in the city is Panagia which is the Epano Chrepas monastery situated 10 km northwest. It was a large Arcadian city as mentioned by Polivios and Homer. 
  • Agios NiCarson ton Carson monastery situated at 12km northeast is one of the most adorable sights with spectacular ancient views.
  • Kapsia cave in the Kansas village also has an exotic view of nature.
  • Another monastery, the Gorgoepikoos monastery which lies 17km northeast and is close to Nestani village is the nearby adorable sight.

Major important place of entertainment in Tripoli Greece

When you visit Tripoli, the whole city is just about roaming and having it’s of entertainment. The city is full of the best ancient archaeological museums and the great theatres. The city offers the best and the most delicious Greek cuisine. The night is also adorable in the street eating, drinking, and having it’s fun.

The major street among all is Ethniki Antistasi street and also the cobbled road of Deligianni Street which is the major source of entertainment in Tripoli. These streets are exclusively selected because these are the major sources of bars, coffee houses, and the major restaurants in the city.

The most enjoyable events in Tripoli Greece

The City is well known for its diverse culture and customs as well as the different events which are conducted over here on several important and auspicious occasions. One of the most famous enemies is the cultural summer which has many different events such as concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, etc. in the frames of the festival. You can join such a great day and enjoy the core beauty of the city. 

The other most enjoyable celebration is the celebration of the city liberation from the Turks on 23rd of September each year which is a kind of Independence festival over here. 


The religious celebration and the procession in honor of the Martyrs Dimitrios and Pavlos on the 22nd of May each year are celebrated in the city with great decisions and cultural practices. If you are a good lover and find of Greek cuisine you can join the commercial feast at the park of the former Bishopric of Tregear. So, in this way, there are several more events which are really important for the people of Tripoli and are also the major tourist attraction. 

How to get to Tripoli in Grece?

Tripoli is majorly accessed from Helge Athens which has one of the major international airports in Greece. It can be accessed through other portions of Greece through the Corinth-Tripoli-kalamata motorway which is also known as the Moreas Motorways. An alternative route for coming here is the GR7 which used to be the main highway to Tripoli to begin the construction of the new motorway. The other available ways to access Tripoli ate: GR-74 and GR-76 and also GR-39.

The major available means of transportation to Tripoli is by taking major flights from Thessaloniki, Athens, Heraklion, Rhodes or you can opt roadways as per your reliability. There are several means of transportation to reach Tripoli and the most reliable way is to teach any international airport and take another flight or ferry from there to Tripoli Greece.

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