Ios Island

Milopotas Ios, Greece: photo by Matthew Waring

Everything that you need to know about the exciting Ios Island in Greece.

Ios Island is filled with a wide range of fascinating activities that you can try out. It is also among the most fun Islands that you can visit in Greece. The island can be found in the Cyclades island group in the southern Aegean Sea and it is a great place for outdoor lovers. Some of the best things to do include hiking, exploring the historic sites, enjoying the mesmerizing sunset views, and so on.

Other than these activities, Ios Island is also considered one of the best places to party and it is well known for its great nightlife! Things end only when the sun goes up! So be prepared for a thrilling experience!

Top things to do in Ios Island

Ios Greece, photo by Matthew Waring

Explore Manganari Beach

This beach is considered by many to be the best beach in Ios Island and it has earned the blue flag status because of its cleanliness, safety, and environmental management. The beach is separated into five smaller beaches that you can explore. There are lots of restaurants on the beach such as Antonis Tavern and Venus Restaurant where you can grab a bite after your day of exploration. The best thing is that the beach is just 23km(around 14miles) away from the capital of the city and can be easily reached by bus.

Ios Chora

Go sightseeing at Chora

This is a classic Greek village which was constructed on hilly terrain and it offers a wide range of panoramic sceneries with varieties of side alleys that you can explore. The streets of this whitewashed town are also surrounded by shops. The town is popularly known for its serene vibes and a vibrant nightlife scene as numerous bars and clubs comes alive during the evening.

Apart from that, you can enjoy also the amazing Greek cuisine with lots of restaurants around with pure ingredients and delicious food.

Visit the Odysseas Elytis Theatre

This is an enormous, open-air amphitheater located at the peak of the hill above Chora. The theatre is named after a popular Greek poet and it is styled to look like the ancient Greek theatres. It is a great place where you can experience and enjoy numerous festivals and also watch the various performances that take place on the island.

Donkey in Ios

Did you pack yet? Don’t forget the travel essentials!

Explore Homer’s Tomb in Ios Island

Homer is a popular poet who was supposedly buried on the island. He was the one that wrote the Odyssey and the Iliad and he spent the last part of his life on this island. One of the best thing not to miss in Ios is to visit his tomb. You will need a car or an ATV to visit as it can be found on a hill located in the northeast area of Ios that overlooks the Aegean Sea and it offers an enthralling view. You are going to see brown signs that indicate the route to the tomb and you can enter free of charge.


Go sightseeing at Agia Irini Church

The church of Agia Irini is located not far from the port of Los. It is one of the first spots that you will see if you arrive on the island by ferry. It was constructed in the 17th century and it features a Cyclades architectural style. The church offers a mind-blowing view of the Port. After you are done exploring the church, you can just walk down the path past the church and you are going to find a beach.

Enjoy mind-blowing sunset views at Lorentzena Beach

Lorentzena beach is an isolated beach which offers tourists the chance to see mind-blowing sunset views. The beach can be found on the western part of the island and it is surrounded by rocks which makes it a great spot to take Instagram-worthy pictures. The beach does not have any facility and it is best if you bring the food and water that you will take if you are planning to stay for a while.

Explore the ruins of Skarkos

Skarkos is an early Bronze Age settlement which is not far from the port of Los. The settlement is among the best-preserved prehistoric sites in the Aegean Sea. To explore this ruins, you are going to pay €4 to enter and it is often closed on Monday. One of the best things to do is to hike to the peak of Skarkos from the Chora on the northern side so that you can understand its enormous size. You can easily walk to the village from the city through a path close to the windmills.

Visit the Archaeology Museum

This is a small museum which can be found at the bus stop in the Chora. The museum is filled with ancient artifacts that are in found in the Chora and Skarkos such as statues, jewelry, pottery, and coins. To enter, you will have to pay €4.

Facts about Ios Island

  • Did you know that Ios nickname is Little Malta?
  • The population of the Islands is around 2000 people
  • Ios is a hilly island with cliffs down to the sea
  • It is famous for its local cheeses the most famous one is called “skotiri”

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