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Plaka Athens, Greece

When we talk about the ancient history of Greece, Plaka Athens is always on the list. This settlement has a history of more than 3500 years and located under the Acropolis. The ancient temples, narrow streets, and classical buildings are the reason which makes the place necessary to visit. Plaka is the heart of Athens as it provides the best attractions and sights for the travelers.

It is one of the oldest section of Athens surrounded with its neoclassical mansions and houses with roofs, pedestrian streets and its small winding roads with their steps, is built on top of the residential areas of the ancient town and is known as the “Neighbourhood of the Gods” due to its proximity to the Acropolis and its many archaeological sites.

Main attractions and things to do in Plaka Athens Neighborhood:

The main attractions here are the museums and the archeological sites where one can learn about the ancient history of this place. Also, you will be able to see the artifacts and the old photos of the place. There are different museums here where you can encounter the traditional heritage and the Folk art of the place. Also, if you are with kids and want to provide something fun and to learn then you should take them to the kid’s museum here. At the museum, they will be able to do creative things and enjoy fun games. Also, there are many beautiful sights here than one shouldn’t miss. The buildings here are the most important to visit after the museums. Finally knowing the knowledge and seeing the things in real will surely be a great experience for you.

Museums in Plaka Athens:

  • Jewish Museum of Greece
  • Museum of Greek Folk Art
  • Frissiras Museum
  • Athens University Museum
  • Museum of Pavlos and Alexandra Kanellopoulou
  • Museum of Popular Music Instruments

Plaka Athens is the best place for food lovers:

Not only the place provides perfect destinations for a historic experience but also provides different cuisine in the great Greek traditional style. You will surely won’t be able to forget the taste of these dishes as such traditional Greek style food is not easily available around the world. The most recommended place is Daphne’s, Mono, 2mazi, the vegetarian Avocado and many more. With the attractive surroundings and pleasant atmosphere, you can enjoy your coffee with the perfect choices of assorted cakes and biscuits.

What about the party junkies?

Plaka never disappoints its travelers. Therefore, Plaka Neighborhood is the best place for nightlife. Staying up all night at the wine bars, dancing on the beat and eating plenty of snacks. You also get to meet new people and you can finally enjoy the Greek music at which the professional dancers do performances.

Stay and shop in Plaka Athens:

There are many hotels in Plaka which are available for the travelers according to their budget. It’s up to the convenience of the customers as here you can find cheap to expensive hotels for your stay. The hotels are close to all the main sites, restaurants and shopping area for everyone ease. The shopping in Plaka is extremely fun as it is not about the miniatures of Acropolis but about the trendiest stuff you will get here. Plaka is famous because of its trendy jewelry and handbags. The handbags are made with genuine leather and the jewelry is the necessity of the fashion industry. The vintage fashion here will surely surprise you and women who come here never forgets to take a lot of stuff with them.

So, whenever you decide to visit Greece, don’t forget to put Plaka Athens Neighborhood on your list as the heart of Athens should be your priority.

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