Best Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials photo by Annie Spratt

All the must-have items and travel essentials that you should consider getting before coming to Greece

Packing and gathering all the travel essentials for your trip is a tough task, this post has everything that you might need to make your vacation easier and much more enjoyable

Luggage, photo by Michal Parzuchowski

#1 Let’s start with the most basic but also the most important thing in terms of packaging and getting everything with you. What that is? Of course the Luggage!

There are a lot of incidents where we get frustrated on our trips with our luggage, wheels don’t work, they don’t have enough space to get all of our presents back and sometimes they are getting easily broken.

#2 Number two is something that you always remember when you are on the airplane and you wish you had with you! What do I mean? A sleeping pillow

Once we don’t have it is like a nightmare but once we have it creates a pleasant trip!

Airplane on flight photo by Wenhao Ryan

#3 Since we have our pillow, number three of the travel essentials is for you guys that have trouble sleeping and it is a sleeping pill! For some, it is a pretty easy task a 10-hour flight for others it is something very difficult to experience. So if you are  one of those that a 10-hour flight seems like a nightmare then a sleeping pill will definitely solve the problem

#4 Is our source of digital energy and power for the electronics that we have together! Yes those little and big things that we use all the time and we can’t without them! Depends on where you travel, you might need some of those in order to charge your digital appliances, phones, laptops etc!

Find below a worldwide travel adaptor that saved me a lot of times!


#5 We all love to have a great book with us but what if we don’t have space in our luggage and we still want to read? Then if you don’t, you should add a Kindle to your list of things to have.

What is a Kindle? It is a device where you can easily store and read your favorite book, the great thing is that it has a lot of battery so don’t be worried you won’t need to recharge more than once on your trip

Kindle, Photo by Frank Holleman

#6 Of the travel essentials are the Headphones! In a time where almost all of us have wireless headphones, there is a need for cord ones on the Airplane! So don’t forget and plan properly!

#7 There were a lot of incidents where we lost a lot of money on the exchange rate and also the fees that the bank withholds. A solution for that is to be prepared and have already exchanged the money with great exchange rates. Another fear that we all have is using our credit cards in foreign countries and the danger that this includes.

There are a couple of ways for you to save money and also protect yourself by using a company that gives you a card and also premium exchange rates. There are a lot out there like N26 for Europe and Revolut for Europe and the US.


And last but not least a travel guide! Before going somewhere we always think where we should go, what we should do, so we always suggest to have a guide or at least gather the rough information beforehand.


Fodors travel guides are one of the most detailed guides for Greece and the Islands and it covers the following places: Athens, Delphi, Meteora, Thessaloniki, Peloponnese, Corfu, Olympia, Crete, Rhodes, Lesvos, Mykonos, Santorini and more

That was about it, if you liked the article please share the love and before we close this post and before you start buying any of the travel essentials you might want to check the Amazon Warehouse Deals. With those you will be able to get great discounts on used items!

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