Everything you need to know about Delos in Greece

Photo from Delos Greece

Greece is absolutely a charm to mythology and history buffs because it is one of the rare countries that still tend to maintain its historic reputation and ancient ruins. Delos is history itself if you consider yourself a Greek histology buff then Delos Greece is something not to miss because this island is an odds to walk around the revival of the glory of the Greek civilization as it is considered as “the most sacred of all islands” in ancient Greek culture.

At the center of the Aegean Sea, Delos is a rocky island floating on the waters of the sea. There are many islands surrounding it are called the Cyclades, as they circle the sacred isle. It’s the chief priest of the Cyclades and located a few miles away from Mykonos.

Fact upon the most sacred island of all times:

It is associated with the myth that Apollo, the god of daylight, and Artemis, goddess of night light were born there. Leto was made pregnant by god Zeus on the same island. It was this place where she gave birth to Apollo and Artemis after suffering from intensive labor pains of nine days, close to the mountain of Zeus and lake. It was this place where Apollo bathed the universe with his light.

These landmarks contributed to making the island most sacred of all times. There are many monumental antiquities from the Hellenistic era, the centuries of the great Greek art that make the geography sacred. The sacred geography of the island is clearly defined in Delian sanctuary to Apollo in BC.

Delos Greece

Archaeological experience for visitors in Delos Greece

This is a territory used exclusively as an extensive and rich archaeological site that maintained its image of a great cosmopolitan Mediterranean port. The archaeological experience is the only venture the island is about. Visitors come from the islands in the neighborhood and they are never on an educational trip; they instead take the ship on a lifetime experience. Its captivating territory is home to nobody because it was the habitat of immortals, no mortal can be born or even die on this sacred place. It is famous that during the years of peak of the Delian Alliance, pregnant women close to childbirth and people close to dying migrated to the neighboring island. As if by magic whole of the known world is aware of the sacredness and uniqueness of the island.

Best time to visit Delos in Greece:

Delos can only be explored as a day trip. In summertime, while your visit to any of close island is the most appropriate way to make 4-5 hours day trip, as you cannot stay there for the night.

Where to stay in Delos?

Multiple people who flight to see the island’s uniqueness and sacredness cannot rest there because there is nowhere to stay in Delos itself. You should rather stay on any island near like Mykonos that is just a few miles away.

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How to access Delos?

It can be easily accessible by excursion boat from Mykonos. A maximum of 30 minutes boat ride will lead you to Delos. You can also take a boat ride from Tinos or Naxos.

Facts about the Island

  • It is a Unesco World Heritage Site
  • The population of the Island is 14 people as of 2001
  • You might have noticed it but it is one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece

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