Chios Island in Greece


Beach in Chios Island in Greece

Ready to visit Mastic Island? You will find in this post everything that you need to know and things to do in Chios Island in Greece

This is a magnificent island with a rich history and can be found not far from the Turkish shores. The island is popularly known for its mastic trees. The island is filled with lots of fascinating attractions that you can visit. It is also dotted by small Medieval Villages like Oympi and Pyrgi that you can explore. There are also lots of iconic buildings and attractions that surround the island and some of the things that you can do are listed below.

Top things to do in Chios Island in Greece

Explore the old medieval city of Mesta

This is among the top places that you must explore while in Chios and it is just like the typical cities that you will find all around Europe. The old city is surrounded by a city wall which is mainly to defend the city from potential invaders. Mesta is a magnificent medieval Greek town which has numerous element of a traditional Greek village. It is a great place to go if you want to take Instagram-worthy pictures due to its stunning views. It is also a perfect place to go if you are a history lover.

Mastic trees Chios.jpg
Mastic Trees, photo from Explorechios

Go sightseeing at Chios Mastic Museum

This museum is dedicated to gum mastic (Mastiha) which is a unique product which has shaped the natural and human environment of the Mastichochoria in southern Chios. The gum mastic cultivation is listed among the UNESCO list of intangible heritage.

Mesta Chios

Explore the Old Castle in Chios Island

This is a great destination not to miss while you are in Chios Town. The Old Castle has a rich history which stands as a reminder of the turbulent past in the island. The castle was mainly built to protect the town from invasions and it is a stunning architectural landmark. It is a hotspot for both locals and tourists. Some of the best things to do here are to simply wander around the fortress and take mind-blowing pictures.

Chios Mills

Go sightseeing at Maritime Museum

This fascinating museum can be found in a mind-blowing mansion in Chios Town and it is a great destination to go for history lovers. The museum offers a detailed nautical history of the island. The museum houses a wide range of collections which includes paintings and models of ships that were owned by local sea fearers, numerous navigation tools, and photographs.

Visit Korais Library & Philip Argenti Museum in Chios Island

The Korais Library of Chios is among the largest library in Greece and it is filled with mind-blowing collections that exceed 130000 volumes. The library was constructed in 1792 as a part of the great Chian School. You should also make sure you head to the upper floor which houses the Philip Argenti Museum. The museum is filled with a wide range of collections such as a 19th-century birthing chair, shepherds’ tools, traditional costumes, embroidery, and portraits.

Experience Orthodox Christianity

One of the important elements of life in Greece is the Orthodox Christian religion and this is not an exception in Chios. The island is filled with a plethora of churches throughout the island that you can explore. For more experience, you can also wander around the monastery. You can head to the Nea Moni Monastery which is a magnificent place where you can experience the Greek Orthodoxy. The monastery is also listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are planning to visit this monastery, it is best if you ask if they are open to visitors unless you will not be allowed to enter.


Go Beach hopping in Chios

Greece is filled with a wide range of beaches that you can explore and the ones located on Chios are considered to be truly special. One of the top beaches in Chios is the Mavra Volia which attracts lots of tourists for its one-of-its-kind experience. The beach is filled with black, volcanic pebbles. The beaches in Chios offers a wide range of activities like sunbathing and swimming. You can also try out varieties of watersports like scuba diving and snorkeling. Some of the other beaches that you must not miss while on the island are Agia Fontina Beach, Karfas Beach, and Emporios Beach.

Facts about Chios Island:

  • Is the fifth largest Greek Island
  • The population is a little bit more than fifty thousand
  • Is very close to Turkey
  • Well known as the Mastic Island, is notable for its exports of mastic gum
  • It has a Unesco World Heritage Site which is Nea Moni, a 11th-century Monasteri

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