This is why you need to visit Volos City in Greece

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Volos can be found between Athens and Thessaloniki and it is a great destination worthy of a visit while in Greece. The city is a combination of adventurous mountains with great sea and is also a gateway to Mount Pelion. The city has a rich history as it was the mythic home of Jason and Argonauts and you are also going to enjoy picturesque scenery all over the city. There are lots of activities that you can try out in the city and some of them are listed below.

Top things to do in Volos

Go sightseeing at Athanasakeion Archaeological Museum of Volos

This museum is a great place to go for history lovers as it is filled with artifacts from the Geometric period which dates from 900-700BC. This period is associated with legends such as the Trojan War, Jason, and the Argonauts. The museum houses numerous finds that were discovered at the Neolithic settlements of Dimini and Sesklo such as jewelry, terracotta figurines, and stone tools. You can also explore the skeletons and finds around the burials from the Mycenaean period at the museum. Some of the other things to see here are the Hellenistic funerary steles from Dimitriada and also reliefs from the early-Christian and Byzantine periods.

Explore the Dimini Archaeological Site in Volos

You are going to find numerous ruins of a Neolithic village which was first occupied around 4800-4500BC and the houses were constructed from mud bricks on stone foundations. This site is a great destination not to miss for history and architecture enthusiasts. You are going to be surprised by the level of sophistication in the urban planning of the resident. Most of the houses in the settlement have an unusual amount of privacy as cooking was done inside rather than outside. The houses were separated by walls which are rarely found at other settlements from the Middle Neolithic. You will feel like you stepped back in the past once you visit this site.

Wander around the Centaurs’ Path

According to Greek mythology, Mount Pelion was the domain of the Chiron the Centaur and was popularly known as the tutor to heroes such as Jason, Heracles, Theseus, and Achilles. One of the best things to do in Volos is to explore the Centaurs’ Path which is located up the slope from the village of Portaria. On the hike over the mountain, you are going to cross a little wooden bridge that is surrounded by plane, beech, oak, chestnut, and maple trees. You are also going to enjoy the views of the Pagasetic Gulf and Volos from the top of the mountain.

Visit the Castle of Volos

This castle can be found in the old town located in the western part of the city. It was constructed on the Palaia Hill during the rule of Emperor Justinian during the mid-6th century AD. Although the castle was demolished in 1889, you are still going to find the eastern and western walls still standing. There is not much to see at the castle but it is a great destination to go when you visit the Tsalapatas Museum so that you can get an insight into how the building looked during the Justinian era.

Go on a road trip to Mount Pelion close to Volos

Volos is a dynamic seaside city and it is quite different from the other cities due to the adventurous mountain that you can explore. Mount Pelion is among the top destination to go for both the locals and tourists that want to explore the Greek myth. The mountain houses numerous traditional villages. Some of the best things to do here are to enjoy a coffee while enjoying the panoramic scenery, hike on the Kalderimi roads and explore the traditional stone houses located at a short distance from the city.

Go beach hopping at Alikes Beach in Volos

This is a long sandy beach located in the southwestern part of the center of Volos in a serene area filled with restaurants and bars. The beach is suitable for swimming and its beachfront is divided by breakwaters which then leaves transparent shallows where toddlers and beginners can wade and paddle in the water without danger. The beach also features sun loungers and parasols, and some bars have waiter service. You should also make sure you wander to the end of the breakwaters where you can take pictures of Mount Pelion across the Pagasetic Gulf.

So this was my post about Volos City in Greece, if you liked it please share the love and can’t wait to read your comments and experiences!

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