The Best Greek Party Islands

Deep dive into the Greek Party Islands.

Greece is extremely famous around the world for its diverse cultural heritage, visually stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, hospitable people and it’s Greek party Islands. Another aspect of life in Greece that is a major source of attraction for visitors is its extravagant nightlife and party lifestyle. There are a number of designated party islands in Greece which cater to the demands of the party animals. These Greek party islands provide a festive environment complete with international music, friendly atmosphere, and amazing cocktails.

If someone is not very keen on dancing themselves to exhaustion than they can also enjoy the relaxed surroundings of an Irish pub or a jazz bar. In this article, we will try to cover the prominent Greek party islands with a brief description of each.

Mykonos by night – Greek Party Islands


The first name that pops up when thinking of Greek party islands is that of Mykonos. Not only does it rival Athens for providing the best party experience it has strong claims of matching the nightlife scene of Ibiza, so much so that it is dubbed as the Ibiza of Greece. From dusk to dawn people can be seen enjoying themselves on the beaches of Super Paradise and Paranga. World-renowned DJs and music artists set their foot on this island and treat those in attendance to an experience of a lifetime. There are several famous international bars and restaurants that have opened up in Mykonos where many international celebrities can be seen letting their hair down. As soon as the evening turns into night the area turns into an uncontrolled wild party.


Santorini, Greek Party Islands.

On the outside, Santorini may give a feeling of a very calm and blissful location but it has much more than what meets the eyes. It can be safely said that the nightlife in Santorini is nothing short of magic. The capital of the island is Fira which is also undoubtedly the best place to party in Greece. The island not only has a booming nightlife, but it also has great aesthetic qualities, providing great awe-inspiring views. Hands down the best place to party in Fira is the Tango cocktail bar. This shiny place has graceful decorations and is home to many amazing summer parties and makes it a great Greek party island.

Rhodes is one of the best Greek party Islands


Rhodes has a very rich collection of historical as well as cultural attractions. The cherry on the cake is the fact that it also serves as a party destination. Rhodes is by modern standards multicultural but it has also retained its distinctive Greek touch and flair. The beach resort of Faliraki is a very well attended place as it boasts some of the liveliest nightclubs. Two streets namely Bar street and Club street are a favored destination for those on holidays. To take care of the interests of everyone visiting the island the places range from quiet romantic bars to the more flashy, vibrant nightclubs. 

Fall in love with Ios an easy going Greek party Island.


If someone wants to go to an island that is not as loud as the others and has a more laidback, relaxed vibe, than Ios is the place to be at. The chilled-out attitude, fortunately, doesn’t translate into lackluster parties. Ios has stunning beaches and cozy, comfortable bars that can fill the wanderlust appetite of any traveler. The main town of Ios which is Chora is famous for its wild nightlife. Whereas if someone prefers a beach party type of scene than Mylopotas is the area to be around. Peak experience can be availed if a visit is made during the summer month of July as that is the time of the year for awesome full moon parties, where one can dance the night away under the stars and then watch the sun come out in all its glory. 


Who said no to Paros? No one! You should definitely visit this Greek party Island and make sure you go to Antiparos as well.

Paros is home to the most organized entertainment in Greece. The two largest villages of Naoussa and Parikia offer multiple options of carefree enjoyment. The popularity of this island is growing at a sustained rate amongst university students who like to spend their summer breaks partying at the multiple bars and nightclubs present. At one end of the spectrum are the more relaxed lounges and on the other end of it are all-night party dance bars.

The well-known Corfu for it’s great day and night parties, makes it to the list of the Greek party Islands.


Corfu is another frontrunner amongst the top party destinations of Greece. What helps the entertainment sector of the island to remain afloat throughout the year is the fact that it has a vast student population. Even the zoo is utilized to stage events which include parties as varied as paint and powder parties. The nightlife goes from the old town’s lavish parties to the hip beach bars of Kontokali or Sidari. Open-air night-clubs are also a very happening place to be at while in Corfu.

The most visited shipwreck of Zakynthos doesn’t have only that but also a great nightlife. It couldn’t have been missed from our Greek party Island list.


Zakynthos is another party island that is blossoming because of its ability to provide entertainment to people of varied tastes and likes. The island is also more accessible than others because it can be visited on a smaller budget. Laganas is the busiest resort. A very worth-seeing skyline adds to the charm of it. The island also offers package holiday deals which makes it very popular amongst those who don’t wish to spend a lot.  Tsilivi beach is its most crowded beach throughout the year. 

When to visit the Greek Party Islands

Summer in Greece usually lasts from June till August. These months are the hottest months of the year but also draw the largest number of crowds and visitors. This time of the year is perfect if someone intends to enjoy their time on the beaches or at the waterfalls. With regards to the Islands, August is usually the busiest month of the year. A large number of the most well attended and costliest parties are staged during August. The islands shut their tourist season down from October till Easter each year so that they can prepare for the next season. The summer months are ideal for the burgeoning nightlife and beach parties.

Cost of visiting the Greek Party Islands

The cost of visiting these islands really depends on how one spends their money. If one wishes to experience every facet of the Island life than it is going to be more expensive as compared to someone ready to miss out on a few of them. 

If someone is restricting to a tight budget then he can visit the islands at a daily cost of 45-65$. This means staying in a cheap hotel, eating cheap food, using local transportation, etc. For a mid-range budget, daily expenditure of 75-100$ is a realistic figure. This will cover more sites and more luxurious meals. If someone wants to indulge in more fancy activities than the daily budget can exceed above the 200$ mark. The most expensive Greek island to visit of them all is Mykonos where the expenses of a single tourist can rise as high as 1000$ per week. The expenses of the other Greek party islands are relative to the experiences that they provide. 

All in all, the Greek islands are a sight to behold. They offer adventures and experiences that are unparalleled. If one travels at the right time of the year and spends wisely, a lot of memories can be made for a reasonable sum of money.

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