This is why Kefalonia is a must visit if you consider Ionian Islands

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia, photo by Branko Besevic © kwasny221 –

Kefalonia Island, Greece

Between the other exotic islands of the Ionian Sea is the beautiful and mesmerizing Kefalonia island of Greece. Known for its natural beauty and amazing sights is the most talked island of Greece. People, expert travelers from around the world and the local Greek people talks too much about this place. The main reason could be the shooting of a movie here in 2001. But that couldn’t be all as the island provides a perfect stay, food, and impressive attractions. The dazzling beaches and the pure water on the surrounding of the island surely feel like a perfect way of relaxation. One of the most popular holiday spots in Greece due to the beauty of the place.

Things to do in Kefalonia Island, Greece:

Argostoli, the capital:

Why not visit the capital of the deep bay where one can visit the locals and know about the traditional heritage of the place? The streets are filled with welcoming cafes and bars and wine tasting is a must of this place. You can explore a lot on your own as there is no boundary here. The Central museum of the capital is a must go and the Corgialenios library where you can finally enjoy the peace and do some reading.

The black mountain:

Enos also called as the black mountain is the highest mountain here which you really need to visit. Near the black mountain are the wildflowers of different rare breeds that you might now know.

Enjoy the beauty of world-famous beaches:

Even if you have seen many beaches before still the beauty of this island will amaze you. Even the movie posters and images are not doing justice with the actual place. The blue water with different cruise adventure waits for you. You can explore something new on your own too. The white sand and the soothing pebbles surely make you feel more like home.

There are different music and traditional festivals held here where everyone dances around the fire and with each other on the beaches. The thought of these festivals might even give you goosebumps. The sight of the setting sun is sure you don’t want to miss being here.

A perfectionist of miniature:

The people here are like the most professional in making miniatures like a pro. The first glimpse you will get on the items and you will surely want to buy one. Though, this is something general as Greek is famous because of ancient history. A history of Gods, temples and ancient buildings. These miniatures are also for sale and people who want to take these memories home can surely buy them.

Enjoy the food of Kefalonia Island:

It’s not something you don’t know as a traveler that the freshest ingredients are used in the islands. As the people here grow themselves and use natural spices in the food. They make sure that the food original taste does not change and the people from long distances can encounter with the taste of Greece island.

Visit Fiskardo village in Kefalonia:

Fiskardo is such a great place to visit, close to Ithaca and famous for it is amazing fish is a must-see if you are visiting Kefalonia Island. Fiskardo is also a place where a lot of Sailing boats are stopping by to relax, eat good food and spend some days till the next stop. In order to get there you will need a car or you can come with a bus to check it out, have a dinner on sunset, get some Robola Wine and then head back to your apartment or hotel.

Famous Melissani lake on Kefalonia island – Greece

Don’t forget to check out the Cave Lake of Melissani in Kefalonia

This is definitely a must see, this so amazing cave can be found close to the Sami town in Kefalonia. You can reach there either by car or you can take any tour with a bus and come with a group of people to check it out. It was discovered in 1951 and it is such a great experience, whatever weather it has outside, there it is always chilly! You will get on a small boat and go along the waters that you see on the picture and a bit more inside the cave. It is just like the pictures so prepare yourself to be amazed!

Assos should be on your list!

Assos is one of the most picturesque villages of the Island, it is located very close to one of the most-well known beaches of Kefalonia which is Myrtos beach. I would suggest you combine those two in order to make the fullest of your trip. Assos is an ideal place to go chill have a great dinner, walk around and really relax on the summer windy breeze and the peace that this village vibe offers you.

These are some of the reasons which surely give enough reason to go to Kefalonia Island. So, pack your bags for a wonderful adventure as the sea is calling you. Can’t wait to read your experiences!

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  1. My travel days are over … so I’m enjoying your words and photos from a different viewpoint! Closest I got to Greece was Turkey … but I’m a big fan of Greek music and cuisine. Love those photos!


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