Hydra Greece

Coast of Hydra Greece, photo by Dronepicr

Hydra Greece:

Hydra is a small island located in the Saronic Gulf which is just some hours’ ferry ride from Athens. The island is popular for its scenic architecture, cosmopolitan vibes, and thrilling nightlife. The island also houses cozy beaches suitable for relaxing. Although the island is not filled with much activities that you can try out, you will find numerous hiking paths that you can explore. You are going to find magnificent spots with stunning sea view and historical monasteries that you can visit. Some of the best things to do in Hydra are listed below.

Top things to do in Hydra Greece

Go sightseeing at the Mansion of Kountouriotis

The mansion of Kountouriotis is known as the jewel of Hydra and it is among the most popular and most historic settlements of Hydra. The mansion was constructed at the end of the 18th century and can be found on the west side of the harbor. The mansion hosts crucial debates on issues of 1821 and lots of prominent personalities of the time. The highlights of the mansion are the collections of rare paintings painted by Pericles and Constantine Byzantium with rare historical relics, mirrors, personal belongings, and family portraits. You should also make sure you head to the upper floor where you will find collections of the National Historical Museum like the island costumes and from all parts of the country.

Hydra Island from the Top, photo by Droepicr

Explore the local architecture

One of the best things that you can do in Hydra is to stroll around the island and just enjoy the atmosphere. Hydra town is built on a hill and it is filled with majestic stone mansions, cobblestoned streets, and stunning monasteries that you can explore. You should also make sure you wander around the port which is surrounded by deep and crystal clear water. You will also love walking around the alleyways and exploring the bougainvillea and you will surely get lost in time.

Port of Hydra, photo by Alexander Visuals

Go sightseeing at Monastery of the Assumption of Virgin Mary

Hydra island is dotted by 300 churches and six monasteries and you will surely be spoilt with options when it comes to where to visit. The highlight of the monastery is the monastery of the Assumption of Virgin Mary which is the main cathedral in Hydra and can be found in the center of the harbor under the clock tower. The monastery was believed to be constructed in 1643 by a nun. It features mesmerizing Byzantine-style architecture and it is designed with frescoes from the 18th century and lovely Orthodox decorations. The monastery is used as the focal point for the Greek Orthodox Church and is used as a place of worship which means you will need to wear an appropriate dress before you can visit.

Stroll from Kamini to Hydra Town

This is a great activity to do for outdoor lovers and if you are looking for an authentic experience while on the island. You can explore this stunning walking route which will take you from the magnificent fishing village of Kamini to Hydra Town. The best thing about this walking route is that there are no tourist shops but you will find Parish Church of John the Baptist and mansion ruins that you can explore. You should also make sure you visit the Sunset Restaurant where you can enjoy mind-blowing sunset views of the sea and mainland Greece while you wine and dine.

Visit the Vlychos Beach

This beach is a stunning pebble beach located in the picturesque town of Vlychos and it is just 2km west of Hydra Town. The beach features crystal clear water and you can easily get to the town by water taxi or foot. The beach is also surrounded by taverns where you can go for a drink. The beach is a great place to go if you are looking for a beach that you can have to yourself.

Go on a horseback riding in Hydra Greece

One of the most unique and romantic ways that you can explore the island is by going on a horseback riding excursions around the island. The horseback riding excursions vary from 45 minutes to a whole day. You can join horseback riding tour offered by Harriet Jarman and it is suitable for all ages. The tour features numerous itineraries and you can choose from riding along the steep terrain to riding along the coast. The Harriet’s Hydra Horse lay more emphasis on animal ethics and most of the horses used are rescued from abusive environments and owners.

How to get there in Hydra Greece?

Reaching Hydra Island is not a difficult thing. It is just 2 hours away from Athens through a ferry. You can easily get to the destination in no time. Most of the people prefer to choose the island as their destination for wedding, honeymoon, vacations and more.

Donkeys on Hydra Island

Eco friendly and stabilized

Hydra Island Greece is one of the eco-friendly and healthy destinations. People here make sure to preserve environment and take all the necessary measures for the cause. There is no continuous or frequent use of automobiles, in fact the cars here are next to nothing. You can see all the boast, donkeys, any cycles moving in the city. Most of the people prefer to walk and move from one place to the other. These actions provide a clear and healthy atmosphere for the people and help nature to survive.

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