Panathenaic Stadium in Athens should be on your travel list!

Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, photo by Teddy Osterblom

Panathenaic Stadium in Athens

The Panathenaic Stadium in Athens is one of the most popular sites in Greece for travelers  all around the world. Located in the ancient stadium where for centuries people hosted many games  and matches, even championships. Back in the past, there were different and antique games played and even festivals celebrated in this stadium. 

When was the Panathenaic stadium built?

In 338 BC, orator Lykourgos was responsible for all of the finances of Athens. At that time, he decided to begin building a stadium in the city. He chose the ideal location along the River Ilissos for an aesthetic, yet convenient, setting. The land of the stadium was the property of Deinias but it was offered to the State in order to help make a healthy economy. After the major construction and work was completed, the stadium became the place of contests, championships, festivals and what we call today the Marathon. 

First modern Olympic game in Panathenaic Stadium:

Hearing anything related to the Olympics grows an inner motivation inside every one of us. But do you know that in the Panathenaic Stadium was the site where the first modern Olympic Games were held? It was a huge success, not only for the championship, but also for the economy and the reputation of Greece. The most successful of that time was the content of Greek Spyros Louis. The Olympic hymn was heard for the very first time in this stadium, which is now part of the national and international games. In 2004, new contests began to part be of the Olympic Games, like archery. Additionally, the Marathon race started moments of huge emotion for everyone. It is not only just a stadium but a place of noble winning and fair competition that brings everyone together. The Olympic Games are a place where the mind and body work together, and the athletes give everything, to be number one. 

The inside of Panathenaic stadium:

Providing seating for 70,000 people in a stadium with white Pentelic marble seats along with the view of Ardettos hill is quite a view that you won’t get anywhere. People come here not only  to enjoy the stadium and its history, but also to see the view you get from the top. A perfect spot for a selfie or a group photo with your friends and family. The stadium is one of the top stadiums around the world, with its prehistoric architecture and breathtaking views. Sports and non-sports fans alike who visit here can only imagine the roars of people cheering the athletes who have come here in the past. Buying a ticket will get you an audio tour, an exhibition to the modern Olympics and plenty of places for pictures, especially one on the winner’s pedestal. 

Inside the stadium, there is also an exhibit of memorabilia from different Olympic Games. Taking a walk inside, you will go through the same tunnels and halls that famous athletes have run out from! Inside the exhibit there are pictures to see, stories and historical facts to read, and important artifacts. One of the most interesting and unique things to see are all of the different torches from past Olympic Ceremonies. You can really see how the games have progressed and changed through the years, while also enjoying the amazing history the Panatheanic Stadium has to offer.

In this modern-day, the Panathenaic stadium is now considered small for big events than how it was used in the past. It could only be used for the archery and races, but it is mostly now for concerts and public events. Not only is this place for the travelers but it is open for morning joggers, who can come around 7:30 am to 9 am by signing up ahead of time. The entrance also takes you to the beautiful surrounding of the Arhimidous park. One can easily enjoy the view of here from the top of the stadium, among many other areas.

With its amazing and detailed history, this historical sports place is somewhere that should be on your list while you are traveling to Greece.

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