The old Industrial area of Athens, Gazi

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Gazi, Kerameikos neighborhood in Athens

The Gazi as known as Kerameikos neighborhood is popularly known for its nightclubs and mind-blowing restaurant. The area is a popular industrial area and it got its name from the local gas factory that was once in the district. The gas factory was founded in 1857 and it started operations in the year 1862. In 1984, the factory closed its engine and now it is a great destination to go if you want to experience the authentic lifestyle of the locals. The whole district looks like an old town in Athens and it is dotted with mind-blowing stone buildings with lovely neoclassical features. Although the city has gone through numerous renovations, it is surrounded by trendy cafes, cozy restaurants, small bars, and attractions that you can explore. You will also be mesmerized by the panoramic scenery of the entire district.

Kerameikos is also an area with a lots of Gay bars so if you are looking something along those lines you should spend most of your nights also there. It is a neighborhood that has pretty much everything, from gay friendly bars to music halls that a lot of people are gathering to hear Greek music.

Places to go in Gazi


Although it has been decades since the gasworks in Athens stopped working, it still dominates the life in Gazi and you will find the wrought-iron frame of the former power station that dominates the skyline of the area. Since the gasworks stopped working, the building is now used as a cultural center. The building is now known as the Technopolis and it is now the hub for private and city-sponsored events which ranges from art exhibitions and music festivals to food fairs. The building is also the headquarters of the municipal radio station that covers these numerous events live. Some of the best things to do here are to explore the Industrial Gas Museum, drink coffee at the café or head to the only Skywalk in the city. The Skywalk is a post-industrial playground and it features suspension bridges and slide tunnel which is mainly for your entertainment.

National Theatre of Greece

Although Athens is popularly known for its theatre and it houses numerous stages and troupes to explore. The best theatre not to miss in the city is the National Theatre of Greece which is popularly known for its drama school and company. In the summer, the National Theatre will go on tour as they perform at ancient locations such as the Epidaurus. The theatre is a breath-taking neoclassical building which was designed by Ernst Ziller and it has a façade that was inspired by Hadrian’s Library. You will also be amazed by the strands that link the ancient drama with the modern theatre. The main stage at the theatre is designed with Belle Epoque velvet and crystal while the second stage has moveable seating and backstage which looks like the ancient theatres. You can go on a quick tour of the building where you will get to explore temporary exhibitions on theatre-related themes.

Avdi Square

This square is a bit further away from Kerameikos and closer to Metaxourgeio, it is quite different from other public squares in Greece and it offers tourists the vibe of Athens. The square offers a great mix of the old and the new, restless and laid-back, and this mix of activities helps to give it a great dynamism. The region has a great history and it is known as the proposed site of the royal palace when the modern capital of Greece was founded in the late 19th century. Some of the attractions that you are going to find here are ornate marble fountain, majestic mansions that were constructed for the nobles and Negroponte Residence which serves as home to the first British Embassy. Don’t forget to stop by and enjoy your coffee or a refreshing cocktail to Blue Parrot, it is such a great place!

Dimosio Sima in Kerameikos

The Greek is usually obsessed with death and it is reflected in their mythology and also in the majestic burials and tombs of the kings and other citizens. Although the ancient funerary traditions are well-documented in the Keramikos cemetery, you are also going to discover the 5th century BC necropolis which is regarded as the most crucial burial site of the ancient Athens in Dimosio Sima. Dimosio Sima is the place where the most eminent citizens and the ashes of fallen heroes were buried. This place is also where Pericles delivered his popular Funeral Oration. Dimosio Sima extends from the ancient city’s main gate to Plato’s Academy. You can also explore the small section located along Salaminous Street where you are going to find about 6 burials.

How to reach Gazi/Kerameikos?

You can go to Gazi and Kerameikos either by Metro if you are living outside of the city center, the metro station is Kerameikos and it is on the red line. The other option if you are living in the city center is to walk, walking from Monastiraki to Gazi is a great stroll, passing through Thissio and making your way down is a walk with very nice scenery. On the Summer you will see a lot of people just chilling on the benches drinking beer or playing music, further down closer to Gazi sometimes dancing crew’s are gathered dancing together and competing sometimes with each other.

Gazi/Kerameikos is a great neighborhood and a lot of people are choosing to live in it as well, it is very close to Monastiraki but has it’s own character. For me the most exciting part is that it is a mix of everything, some people choose to go there to enjoy theaters, some others just go for the crazy nightlife and dance until the morning and you have those that go for the cozy little restaurants that you can find there.

That’s about Kerameikos, if you liked my post, please share the love and can’t wait to hear your experiences!

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