Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens

Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens, Photo credit: Sally Wilson by journey.symphonyoflove.net is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

If you lookout for the most popular and important destinations of Greece, Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens will always be on the list. The temple also is known by the name Olympieion was built centuries ago. The temple started in 174 BCE and finally completed in the 131 CE. The tall columns and strong architecture are the reason that some of them are still available for the sightseeing of travelers. Fun fact is that the temple was one of the largest ever temple built in the ancient world but now a few of it is left.

Historical overview of the Temple of Olympian Zeus:

Located on the South-east of Athens, this temple was built near the River Ilissos. The largest temple of the ancient world was the part of Athens which made the city popular. The temple construction started but work stopped due to the lack of money. Hippias, the son of Peisistratos who begin the temple was overthrown and couldn’t finish the temple. 700 years later, there were many others who attempted to complete the temple. Some of the classical Greeks left the way it is because they though the temple is too big and showed the arrogance of people who thought they are equal to Gods. When the architects completed the temple, Emperor Hadrian placed a statue of Zeus and him inside the temple.

During the 3rd century, the Macedonians hired the best Roman architect to build the world’s largest temple but couldn’t because the king died. Originally there were 104 columns but now only 15 of them are standing. One of the columns blew by a thunderstorm in 1852. Hadrian kept a giant gold statue of Zeus but nothing remains in the temple now. The Greek says that the temple was not destroyed but just came down due to an earthquake in the medieval period. They said that the temple was taken away like the many other ancient buildings who are now destroyed and there are no signs of it.

What happened to the other columns of the temple?

The temple of Olympian Zeus suffered a lot and the remains of the broken columns were used in other buildings because if its durability. There are no remains on the ground there. Only are the 15 columns standing firmly which have survived the earthquakes and other natural disasters. The remaining columns of the temple are the most important thing in the ancient world in Greece.

Why the Temple of Olympian Zeus should be on your travel list?

If you are fond of historic places and ancient buildings, Greece is the place which is always recommended. But you must pick the top places in Greece too, right? The temple of Olympian Zeus is one of the most ancient and famous destinations and it shouldn’t be missed. Here you can learn everything about the ancient Gods and Goddesses. The surrounding of the temple is a great view that you can also enjoy while visiting there.

So, why not learn something about the ancient world and see how the largest ancient temple of Olympian Zeus looks in real.

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