Arcadia Best Travel Guide – All You Need To Know

Village in Arcadia
Village in Arcadia

Arcadia is a Medieval Town, located in the heart of the Peloponnese. If you are interested in witnessing the most beautiful landscapes in Greece, you should think about visiting Arcadia. At Arcadia, you will discover dramatic hills, which are filled with medieval towns. Before you travel all the way to Arcadia, it is worth to go through this guide and learn how to plan your stay. Then you can come back home with the best collection of memories.

Things to see in Arcadia:

There are numerous tourist attractions that you can see in Arcadia. Following are the most prominent tourist attractions out of them. If you are keen to get the most out of your stay in Arcadia, you should visit these attractions.

–              Hill towns of Arcadia

The best of Arcadia is in the hill towns. These Medieval hill towns are filled with lush valleys and minor roads. Karytaina will be the very first stop when you are exploring the hill towns of Arcadia. When you keep on exploring the hill towns, you will come across the delightful towns of Dimitsana and Stemnitsa as well. From any of these towns, you can proceed with exploring Lousios Gorge. If you are planning to explore these hill towns, it is important to have your own transportation options ready. That’s because the buses are quite limited. There are numerous car rental services in Arcadia, which can help you with it. You should also take a look at the boutique hotels in Arcadia, which provide all the support for you to enjoy your stay.

–              Karitena of Arcadia

Karitena is the most picturesque venue that you will come across while exploring Arcadia. Almost all the signature images of Arcadia that you can see on the internet are taken in Karitena. This town was founded back in the seventh century. As a result, you will be able to discover numerous architectural wonders here in the city as well. As of now, it is a lightly populated city. Hence, you will be able to get a perfect time while you are exploring the city.

While you are exploring Karitena, you shouldn’t miss out on the medieval bridge. This bridge has been constructed over the Alpheus River. When you cross this river, you will feel like you are entering a completely different world. You will also be amazed by the unique architecture of this bridge. There is a small chapel constructed in the central pillars of this bridge as well.

–              The Castle of Arcadia

There is a fascinating castle in Arcadia, which is paired with Turkish Towers. This castle was constructed back in the year 1245. The castle is offering a picturesque backdrop. Hence, you will love to take breathtaking photos while you are exploring it.

–              Folklore museum

If you are interested in exploring the history of Arcadia, you should visit the Folklore Museum. On the ground floor of this museum, you will be able to find numerous mockups of the workshops that highlight indigenous crafts. They include Jewellery, shoe-making, bell-casting, and even candle making. When you get to the upper floor, you can discover a re-creation of a salon. It is paired along with a humbler cottage. There are numerous costumes, textiles, copperware, and weapons available for you to explore as exhibits in this museum.

–              Ancient Gortys

You will need to travel around 8km from Arcadia to explore the ancient Gortys. The journey you take will be worth it when compared to all the great things that come your way. It is located next to a rushing river. Hence, you can call this a perfectly charming site. The main attraction that you can find here is the Byzantine Chapel. You will also be able to find remains of a temple that was constructed in 4th Century BC.

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Arcadia Village

Best time to visit:

If you are keen to travel all the way to Arcadia, you should target the summer months. In other words, you should be visiting Arcadia from July to the end of August. This is also the peak season. Even though you will find crowds all around you, it will not be a problem because of the soaring temperatures that complement your journey.

Places to stay in Arcadia:

There are numerous boutique hotels available around Arcadia for you to stay. Here are the most prominent hotels out of them.

–              Aiora Luxury Suites

Aiora Luxury Suites will deliver a luxurious stay to you, along with rich aesthetics. This hotel is offering stunning views of the mountains. On the other hand, the hotel is decorated to deliver a luxurious look and feel to the guests as well. You will never be disappointed with the comfort offered out of the hotel. There is a massive living room on the ground floor of this hotel, which is equipped with a good looking fireplace as well. the breakfast room is located right next to it and it offers the best views of the hills.

–              Elafos Spa Hotel

Elafos Spa Hotel is located within the center of Elliniko, which is one of the most prominent traditional villages you can see in Arcadia. You will be able to enjoy your stay in harmony with nature while spending your time in this hotel. One of the best things about staying in this hotel is that it will provide you the opportunity to explore unique Arcadian architecture. There are numerous moments of quality and relaxation offered by the hotel.

–              Ostra Menalon Luxury Suites

Ostra Menalon Luxury Suites is another luxurious hotel available for staying in Arcadia. You will be able to get all the luxurious amenities to complement your stay while spending your time in this hotel. You will be impressed with the food served in this hotel.

Now you are aware of what you can expect to receive while you are in Arcadia. Keep these in mind and travel all the way to this medieval city. You will never regret the decision you take.

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