Your guide to Athens Concert Hall

The Athens Concert Hall is an exceptional place to listen music, see theaters and performances. Everything started around 1991 which was the grand opening. From then onwards Athens Concert hall has hosted a variety of events with many talented individuals from Greece and all over the world.         

Did you know that Athens concert hall has 5 halls, 3 conference suites, 12,000 m2 of available exhibition space, an outside foyer with natural lightning and an incredible garden? I was also amazed of how many spaces they have and how well everything is managed. My personal favorite of all is their beautiful garden which is filled with greenery, amazing flowers and trees and hosts every summer multiple activities.

In addition to the above Megaron has a magnificent collection on music and other arts. Specifically it’s music library has more than 60,000 books, musicals and recordings. Their collection is steadily growing and includes some of the most popular Greek songs, such as rembetika and rare jazz and music from other countries and cultures.  

How can you book tickets for Athens Concert Hall?
This is the most easiest way to do it!

You can easily book tickets online from the Athens Concert Hall website which is From there you will be able to see all events that are happening. As mentioned in the beginning of the post the Athens Concert Hall is hosting all kind of events from music, dance to education, lectures and exciting exhibitions.

If your love for Megaron does not end on the first visit and you would like to contribute and be part of it, now you can with Friends of Megaron initiative. With that you will be able to have a couple of goodies. These includes priority booking, discounts of 10% at the restaurant but also the tickets, access to exclusive friends of megaron lounge, free parking and discounts on performances.

In order for you to become a friend of megaron you will just need to fill in the subscription form online and then hand it over at any megaron box office. You can either sign up or renew your subscription online.

A Concert Hall

How can you get to Athens Concert Hall?
Believe me there are a lot of ways!

The good thing is that you can easily get to the Athens Concert Hall because it is right next to a metro station. The metro station is named Megaro Mousikis and it is in the blue line of the Athens metro. If you want to know more about Athens transit, I wrote a dedicate post for this. Another way for you to get there is to walk from Syntagma Square. It will take you around 24 minutes but it is a nice walk along side the parliament and the embassies.

Additionally a great thing to know and that would be useful for you that have a car is that the Athens Concert Hall has a three level underground parking facility. It can host up to 750 cars It is open from 6 am to 2 am everyday and the charge is 3 euros for the first three hours and 1 more euro for every extra hour.

Apart from Athens Concert Hall, what else can you do around the city of Athens?
Athens Concert Hall is amazing, and you should visit but as you stroll around make sure you go to the below unique attractions.

City of Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece

When should you go to Athens Concert Hall?
There are a lot of different days!

It really depends on the events and what you are looking for to do. Some people are going there just for the events and the exhibitions. Some others swing by to check it out on their trip and see the halls the music library and the events of the day and night.
An easy way for you to find out what’s on is to log to megaron website and check by event type what is happening and plan accordingly. As I mentioned earlier you will be able to check from the dropdown of the events and that entails the following.

  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Education
  • Lectures
  • Exhibitions

For the ones that do not have the time for a whole event and they just want to see the space and enjoy the garden and the weather, there is an option for you. You can go and have an amazing dinner at the Fuga restaurant at Athens Concert Hall.

It is a great restaurant, very modern with a peaceful scenery between trees and nature. It is a bit pricey so if you are looking for something not that high end then it maybe better for you to skip this one, apart from pricey it is a great choice. You will be able to enjoy a rich cuisine with Mediterranean and Greek food, it also has a lot of vegan options.

If you are not in the mood for food you can enjoy your cocktail with a view of the sunset. The restaurant opens daily from 6pm and onwards and it can be accessed from a different entrance on 1, Kokkali street.

What about the Athens Concert Halls? Athens Concert Hall has many different venues and spaces, the most notable halls are the below:

  • Christos Lambrakis: More than 1500 seats with 9 translation booths and a large projector screen.
  • Alexandra Trianti: 1500 fixed seating theatre with a state-of-the-art lightning system
  • Dimitris Mitropoulos: A smaller hall with a capacity of 450 people and over 500 m2 of foyer space.
  • Nikos Skalkotas: With a 400 seating capacity and equipped with all the cutting-edge-technology.
  • The last one of the Athens Concert Halls is the Banqueting Hall which is designed mostly for gala dinners and it is an amazing designed circular hall.

How can you follow news, events from Athens Concert Hall?

Athens Concert Hall is available in all the different social media sites and apps such us Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. If you don’t follow closely social media no problem, you can sign up to their newsletter and be the first to know about Athens Concert Hall’s events, performances and of course the latest knews.

Did you know that Athens Concert Hall has also it’s unique shop? Yes that’s right, the shop is called M Shop. You can find a lot of cool things to bring either as a gift to someone that you love or for you, from objects of art to simple T shirts, mugs, notes, bookmarks to totes. It’s situates in a very nice space that you can also find from a different entrance, the opening hours of the shop is Monday to Friday 10:00 to 06:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 to 02:00pm.

These were everything that you need to know about Athens Concert Hall. If you liked the post and helped you get prepared better for your trip, share it and help other people that might looking the same information as you.

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