This is Rhode Island Hopping

If you are confused about how to avail yourself of an island-hopping trip from Rhodes island, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will present to you all the details about Rhode island hopping.

What is Rhodes Island Hopping?

Rhode Island is the biggest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands and the former capital of the island groups; the island is in the southeast of Athens. The nickname of the island is The Island of the Knights. Bureaucratically the island forms a different municipality within the Rhodes regional unit. Rhodes Island is famous for the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and this site declared as a world heritage site. Rhodes International Airport is one of the most important airports in the island. There are also five ports on the island. Many people believe that the name of the U.S state of Rhode Island named after this island.

As many other small islands engulf Rhode Island, you can travel from Rhodes to those islands, moving between the islands called Rhodes Island Hopping.

Which are the Islands around Rhodes?

There are many islands around Rhodes, which are beautiful and famous tourist spots. Some of the famous islands around Rhodes are Kastellorizo, Chalki, Tilos, Nisyros, and Kos.


Kastellorizo is a little island with only one village and without beaches. But this fact should not bother you because Kastellorizo is a mythical place. The island became popular in recent years among tourists looking for a confined area in the Dodecanese. It is the most easterly Greek Island, actually closer to Turkey than to Greece. The construction of the port has Italian and Ottoman influences, giving experience to its visitors a surprising blend of these civilizations. The movie Mediterraneo which won the Oscar in 1991, had been shot on this island so don’t forget to put this Island in the Rhode Island Hopping list.


Chalki is the smallest populated island of the Dodecanese, with a permanent population of 330 residents. But the number of people on this island increases during the summertime. Chalki is perfect for peace and privacy. The island defined by its exquisite architecture and calming beaches, which are reachable by bus or on foot.


Between Kos and Rhodes island, there is an island called Tilos. It is an island with deserted beaches and small villages. But you will be fascinated by the village Mikro Chorio, a ghost village with dumped buildings. Also, Livadia village is one of the most beautiful village in the island. If you want absolute privacy on your Rhode Island hopping adventure then you should visit this place.


Nisyros is a volcanic island with a broad caldera. Its volcano, the most modern volcano in Greece, is currently active but not exploding, so you don’t have to worry about that. You can stay in Mandraki or Nikla, which are scenic villages. The street of Mandraki is one of the main attractions on this island. If you are searching for calmness, then these villages can provide you that.


Kos has many best things to do and see, like age-old monuments and vivid nightlife. While all the beaches in Kos are sandy and arranged, you can relax without thinking about anything. The traditional harbor of Kos has influences of various Ottoman influences. It is a beautiful place to spend some days during your Island hopping.

What would be the cost for a Rhodes Island Hopping?

Costs of Rhodes island-hopping depends on how many islands you are visiting around Rhodes and how many days you are spending on those islands. There are also many personal expenses you have to carry. The average price of Rhodes Island hopping is around 1000 euros or 1110 USD, which is comparatively cheaper in comparison to the island hopping in different parts of the world.

How to do Rhodes Island Hopping?

There are many ways you can do Rhodes Island Hopping. The most common way many tourists were doing is to find an island-hopping package from an organizer. Many organizers offer island hopping from Rhodes. There are two types of packages like Group tour or individual tour. In a group tour, the cost is less, but you cannot customize the trip, but on the other hand, on a personalized tour, you can customize your tour according to your needs. Also, you can plan your island-hopping, but that will take lots of time and effort. If you opt for an island-hopping package, then you have to send your requests to the organizer, and they will get back to you with their customized itinerary.

Items included in the package.

In island hopping packages, they don’t cover the expenses of a flight ticket from your country. In most, they will organize hotels in every location you visit and also they will not cover the costs of sightseeing in your desired location. Fees for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will include in the package. They will also arrange your transportation from one island to another.


Rhodes Island is one of the most beautiful places for vacation. This island is one of the most visited destinations in Greece. There is a rhodian population of fallow deer, which is in urgent conservation concern; many people visit this island to see these deers, rare to find. Akramitis mountain is one of the main attractions on this island. Also, islands that engulf Rhodes island around are not so far. You can move between them by ferry quickly, and ferry fares are relatively cheaper in Greece.

The islands around Rhodes are also very different on their own. Every island offers you a different experience. So if you are planning for an island-hopping, then you should go for a Rhodes island hopping.

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