Crete vs Santorini

If you are confused about which place to visit between Crete vs Santorini? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you the information about Crete vs Santorini so that you can decide which place to visit.


Crete is the biggest and most populous of the Greek islands and the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Crete and some surrounding islands and islets create the Religion of Crete. The island is mostly highland. There is a high mountain range on the island, which is crossing from west to east. Heraklion is the capital and also the largest city on the island.

Crete is one of the most popular holiday destinations. As this island is very close to the Greek mainland, many local Greek people also come for holidays. Crete’s famous tourist attractions are the old Venetian city and port of Chania, the Venetian castle at Rethimno, the gorge of Samaira, the islands of Chyrsi, and the palm beach of Vai, The Palace of Knossos, Agios Nikolaos, Chania, Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Preveli Monastery, Preveli Beach, Plakias, Matala Beach, and Frangokastello.

Besides tourism, Crete is also famous for its rich mythology, mainly connected with Greek Gods and Minoan civilization.


Santorini is an island placed in the southern Aegean Sea. Santorini’s population is 1857, and Fira is Santorini’s largest city. Three thousand six hundred years back on this island, one of the most massive volcanic eruptions in history happened, that eruption left a large caldera, which is hundreds of meters deep. It is the most active volcanic center in the South Aegean Sea.

Santorini’s dominant industry is tourism, particularly in the summer months. The extension of tourism resulted in the advancement of the economy and population.

Some of the most popular sites in Santorini are Akrotiri Archaeological Site, Caldera Cliff Wall, Oia, Fira, Red Beach, Ancient Thira, Archeological Museum in Fira, Pyrgos, Mount Profitis Ilias, Beach at Perissa and Ammoudi Bay.

So now that you got a good sense of both Islands, which would be your choice on Crete vs Santorini? which are the pros and cons?

Pros and Cons of Crete:

There are many pros and cons you have to consider if you are planning a trip to Crete.


Crete is lovely and scenic, which is the biggest pros of Crete. Crete is vast so that you will find many different cultural sites and many various activities to do. Beaches of Crete are excellent, and the beaches are sandy and organized so that you don’t have to worry about anything. One of the biggest pros of Crete is accommodation. There are many luxury hotels and hostels so that you will find your shelter easily. Crete is also cheaper compare to Santorini as more local Greek people come to Crete than foreigners.


Crete is vast, and it requires one or two weeks to explore the island properly. As it is enormous, traveling on the island is a bit more expensive compared to other islands. In order for you to reach Crete faster you will have to take the plane because coming with a ferry would take you a lot of time.

Pros and Cons of Santorini:

So far which one you would prefer in Crete vs Santorini? Here are the pros and cons of Santorini.


Caldera views in Santorini are genuinely fantastic, but you have to find a clear day to enjoy the view more. Also, Santorini is best for watching sunsets from your room with a glass of wine. The hotels of Santorini are unique. Did you know that they have built-in cave-like architecture?

The towns of Santorini are picturesque and it has a bit more upscale Greek cuisine in Santorini in comparison with Crete.


As Santorini is smaller than Crete, you don’t have many outdoor activities to do. There is not so much to see as Santorini is small, and there are no archeological sites that can offer some variety to the tourists. It is mostly for couples, and if you plan to go with your kids or family, then it is not the right place to visit. As most of the travelers are from foreign, and very few local Greek people go there; that is why Santorini is a bit more expensive than Crete. Hotels, rooms are costly, and also the flight tickets of Santorini are expensive than Crete. Especially in high time rates of hotels and rooms touch sky high in Santorini.

Conclusion: Crete vs Santorini

Both Crete and Santorini are lovely and unique in their way. Both places have their pros and cons.

As we mentioned above, Crete is large and has more variety. In Crete, you can do lots of outdoor activities and also visit many different places. But as it is vast and more things to explore, it requires time, and you have to spend more days to explore it properly. On the other hand, Santorini is a bit smaller so you don’t need that much time to explore it properly. The biggest problem with Santorini is that it costs a bit more than Crete and is tiny, so you don’t have many options to explore.

If you are an alone traveler or are going with your family, then Crete is the perfect place to visit. It is less expensive, and you have a lot more things to do.

If you are a couple and want a honeymoon destination, then Santorini is the place for you. As it is more romantic and beautiful, you could spend a more memorable time with your better half.

If the post helped you answer between Crete vs Santorini then why not helping others by sharing and liking it? Thanks for reading.

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