How is it living in Athens Greece?

A lot of people ask me how is living in Athens Greece feels like? Definitely it has it’s ups and downs and wanted to dedicate this post to all of you who are considering or looking to see how it is to live in Athens Greece.

Lived, traveled and experienced a lot of different cities, from Istanbul to Dubai to United States and one thing that I always miss when I’m away is the sunshine, the freedom and for sure the food. Athens is a vibrant city with a lot of things to see and experience from the live concerts that end when the sun comes up to an amazing lunch with orange skies and the view of Acropolis.

Athens is not a big city but the neighborhoods and the areas are pretty spread out, from one hand you have the unique and so beautiful south coast with Vouliagmeni, Voula, Glyfada, close to the sea, full of green and with a lot of parks. This part of the city is mostly busy in the summer and it a great place to live because it is bit further away from the city center so a bit more lay back with great restaurants and coffee shops around.

From the other hand you have the north Marousi, Kifisia, a bit more colder in temperature from the south, a lot of businesses and a lot of restaurants and bars, a lot of people are choosing to live in the North in order to be closer to their workplace and because it is a bit more accessible to the city center.

What about the city center though? and how is it living in Athens? Living in the city center of Athens is definitely busy but it always depends right? depends on the neighborhood of the city, on the part that you are living in, but in general, if I have to describe how it is with one word I would say it is always interesting. The great thing about living in a city with a lots of history is that you always see and experience that part in your everyday walk to work, in the evenings or in those early mornings that you wish you wouldn’t have.

Photo by Athens at a Glance on Unsplash

Athens is a city with a lot of color, a lot of different views and of course a lot of history and delicious food! I mentioned the food earlier right? Definitely what I miss the most, those super fresh vegetables and fruits, you can literally buy a bag of oranges with 5$ which in the US you can only buy 3 with 5$.

The difference though it not in the quantity but the taste, that’s what I think differentiates Greece with other parts of the world and makes also living in Athens Greece the place to be. Everything here just simply tastes better which makes sense since the ingredients, fruits and vegetables are being produced in the country and not sourced from anywhere else. I won’t be able to stop writing about how amazing the food is, if you have been to Greece I’m sure you can relate but I think you got it now, If you choose to live in Athens or anywhere in Greece you will know by now that for sure you are going to enjoy the food. Take a sneak peak below of how your meals might look like!

What else? what else you should know about living in Athens Greece? Athens is a city with a lot of things to do, either it is a great outdoors event or open air cinema to theaters, picnics, chilling at the beaches or night swims under the stars.

You sure by now know that you are going to eat well and definitely be able to entertain yourself with all those things to do and believe me I just named a few. The only thing about Athens which will impact your life is that with the basic salary you won’t be able to rent an apartment in a good neighborhood, in order to be able to live and enjoy all the great things in Athens you should make at least 1.5 times the basic salary.

Living in Athens is not that expensive but something for you to know is that because it is difficult to find a good job in Greece, on average most of the kids are staying with their parents even if they are in University, something which you don’t always experience in different countries.

The view from the top of the rock!

In general living in Athens Greece is overall amazing but it has it’s obstacles like every other city and country. Apart from what I listed above something that is correlated 100% with your well being and mood is the weather which in Greece is simply the best thing ever(+ the super tasty food), some Islands like Rhodes have about 300 out of 365 days per year sunshine, so if you want to live well but you can sacrifice a bit your on your overall expectations in regards to work and salary, Athens and Greece is your best option.

If you liked the post and it helped you, why not helping others and re-sharing it? Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts or anything that you think I should add!

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