2 Amazing days in Ano Trikala

Ano Trikala picture from Above

Winter is here and so are the amazing winter destinations that you can go from Athens, Ano Trikala is definitely one of them. In almost 2 hours from Athens with a car this peaceful destination is one of the most relaxing vacations that you can have, into the trees, with unique and fresh food.

If you are looking to spend a few days away from the noises, the craziness and the city and explore the nature, do some hiking, get fresh air and enjoy the food then Ano Trikala should be on your Top 3 list of the Winter destinations close to Athens. Before you plan your trip to visit Ano Trikala spend sometime to book a nice accommodation, apartment or a house.

Grand Chalet in Ano Trikala

We booked an amazing chalet called the Grand Chalet in Ano Trikala, the house was wooden and the center fireplace made it a very cozy spot. It had an amazing view overlooking the trees and it was the best place to gather around with friends or family. In destinations like this which most of the times there is snow, you need a cozy place to relax, enjoy the fireplace and your favorite wine. Play board-games do some barbecue and laugh, you definitely going to have a lot of food but it is totally worth it.

What you should do on the day time in Ano Trikala? There is a lot of activities around the area of Ano Trikala, you can go hiking and explore the nature but also go for skiing or snowboarding. There is a Ski/Snowboarding center around 20-25 minutes with a car from the town, even if you don’t like Ski or snowboarding you should go to see the view and relax enjoying your coffee in the chalet. You can also go for Horse riding or lease buggies and go for a field trip, you can lease the buggies from the Ski center so no need to get anxious about that.

When is the best time to visit Ano Trikala? Ano Trikala is a winter destination so the best time to visit it is around end of November to end of February.

Varnevo is a great spot to enjoy your coffee and get a dessert

In terms of food, you are going to be in paradise – so many different things to try, from farm to table style and you will understand it from the moment that you are going to try your first bite. Where you should go? You should definitely stop by and eat at the “Sto Dekleri” tavern which is in town and enjoy their great dishes. Try the wild pork, the mushrooms, the beef steak and the rooster. After your lunch or dinner you can stop by at the Varnevo and enjoy a nice dessert, Varnevo is very close to the tavern so you won’t need to go that far. Other taverns or restaurants that you can try and go can be found below

  • Opos palia
  • Enastro gefsis
  • Katafugio ton geuseuon

What else you can do? Apart from enjoying the surroundings, go for skiing or snowboarding, very close to Ano Trikala is also an amazing lake called Doxa, it will take you around 25 minutes to go there but it is going to be an amazing experience. You can go there enjoy the nature, have picnic and really relax to the scenery and enjoy a great day with your friends and family.

Overall, Ano Trikala was a great trip and you will definitely have fun. Before you go make sure to check the weather and see if it is has snow, if it has snow be prepared and get chains for your car. If you are not going there with your car then no worries but get warm clothes and be prepared for an amazing and relaxing experience. If you liked the post about Ano Trikala, share it and like it and can’t wait to hear about your trip, safe travels!

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