The 5 Best Hotels in Greece

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Greece is a city for rich culture and history, for mythology, for a luxury vacation, for romance, for antiquity. Being a major tourist destination, Greece is crowded with approximately 30 million tourists throughout the year. To accommodate them, there are various forms of hotels in Greece including luxury hotels, five-star hotels, boutique hotels, and budget-friendly hotels. All can be found on every island in Greece but the best hotels are mostly found in Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens. Here are 5 best hotels you should always keep in mind when visiting Greece.

  • Grace Hotel, Santorini

Grace Hotel Santorini is a luxury boutique hotel offering incredible views. It has been designed on a hillside that provides its guests with a fascinating ocean view from above. Guests can spectate the best ever sunsets of Cyclades. The hotel has everything your comfort zone needs like gym, spa, bars even poolside bars. There is also free high-speed internet, high-end restaurant, infinity pool, laundry, and dry-cleaning service. The Grace Hotel in addition to the most impressive infinity pool also offers private and rooftop pools. The hotel room features minibars and a private balcony for spectacular views.

  • New Hotel, Athens

It is the finest example of modern architecture. It is an artwork of Dakis Joannou who restructured an ancient building into a modern hotel. The hotel offers 79 rooms and suites. All the rooms are based on Greek culture. The interior design of the hotel is customized and strictly following the ancient Greek culture. New Hotel has positioned at such a site that its terrace offers the best views of the historic city including Acropolis and Plaka.

  • Lindos Blu, Rhodes

Lindos Blu is the best accommodation for relaxation and rejuvenation in Rhodes. It is a high-end adult resort where kids are not allowed. It is just a few minute’s drives from Lindos. The resort has a series of terraces that offer stunning views over Vlicha Bay. It provides private pools, high-end restaurants, indulging spa, sauna and steam rooms. It includes all the basic amenities a five-star hotel offers.

  • Grand Hotel and Resort, Mykonos

Mykonos Grand Hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel set on Ayios Yiannis Beach. This beautiful luxury resort is just 5 kilometres away from Mykonos. The hotel provides suites at an upscale beachfront location that offers spectacular views of shores of Ayios Yiannis. It has airy rooms with free internet service. The services of relaxing spa and private beach are also provided. Don’t miss candlelight dinner at Dolphin of Delos Restaurant in this hotel.

  • Opera Mansion, Santorini

Opera Mansion is an old opera renovated into the luxury unique villa which is nothing short of amazing. It provides private villas with high vaulted ceilings, romantic downstair cellar and numerous indoor and outdoor pools. The location, interior, and exterior leave you wanting for nothing more.

If you are looking for an idyllic setting to isolate from the world for a few days then look no further as these places are worth every penny.

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